Social Icons Element

The Social Icons element hands you complete command over the look of your social media icons on the page. If you wish to redirect your users to your other social media profiles the element must be placed strategically throughout your website. Social icons will help boost your page’s influx and help send the conversion rates to the sky. 

Content Tab 

Social Icons

You can add tabs items by clicking on the [+Add item]  and if you wish to duplicate or delete navigate with the icons next to the item

  1. Social Icons - Choose the social media platform you wish to integrate, type down the link, and set its color either its official color or make it custom.
  2. Shape - Choose a shape for your social icons, it can either be rounded, square, or circle 
  3. Columns - Select how many icons as going to be displayed per column
  4. Alignment - Set the alignment for the social icons to either be positioned Left, Center or Right

Style Tab


  1. Color - Set the color for the social icons to either be official or custom. If you choose custom you can select the primary and secondary colors
  2. Size - Set the size of the social icons
  3.  Padding - Set the padding value for the inner spacing of the social icons
  4. Spacing - Set the spacing between the social icons
  5. Rows Gap - Set the gap between the social icons if you display them in two or more columns
  6. Border Type - Set a border for the icons 
  7. Border Radius - Set the border-radius to make the edges of the icons rounder

Icon Hover

  1. Primary Color - Choose the primary color for when the mouse hovers over the social icons
  2. Secondary Color - Choose the secondary color for when the mouse hovers over the social icons
  3. Hover Animation - Set an animation for when the mouse hovers over the icons 

Set the settings for the Advanced Tab that is appropriate for the element. 

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