Button Element

The Button Element will allow you to add, customize, and style buttons using the most advanced set of tools and options. 

Content Tab 


  1. Type - Choose the type of button. It can either be Info, Success, Warning, or Danger. 
  2. Text - Type here the text for the button 
  3. Link - Enter the URL to link the button. If you click on the cog icon you will be presented with more options, where you can add a rel=nofollow attribute or open the link on a new tab 
  4. Alignment - Set the alignment for the button, it can either be positioned to the Left, Center, Right, or Justified 
  5. Size - Set the size of the button. It can either be Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, or Extra Large 
  6. Icon - Set an icon for the button. Choose one from the library or upload an SVG 
  7. Icon Position - Set the icon to either be before or after the button's text 
  8. Icon Spacing - Set the spacing between the icon and the button's text 
  9. Button ID - Assign a unique ID for the button 

Style Tab


  1. Typography - Tweak the typography options for the button 
  2. Text Shadow - Set a shadow to the button's text 
  3. Text Color - Set the color for the button's text 
  4. Background Color - Set a color for the button 
  5. Border Type - Choose a border type for the button it can either be Solid, Double, Dotted, Dashed, or Groove 
  6. Border Radius - Set the border-radius to make the button's edges rounder 
  7. Box Shadow - Choose to add shadow to the button and configure the options available 
  8. Padding - Add padding around the content of the button 

Set the settings for the Advanced Tab that is appropriate for the element.   

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