How to add Parallax and 3D Effects with Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution offers some beautiful and captivating animation and effects that you can add to your slides and enhance the design you are working on. To add a parallax effect to your background image with Slider Revolution

  1. Open Slider Revolution, go to WP Dashboard > Slider Revolution
  2. Click on New Blank Module 
  3. Add an image as your layer 
  4. Select the image from your repository 
  5. Click on Slide Options < On Scroll
  6. Under Parallax & 3D choose the depth of your parallax effect to your preferences, this might vary depending on the style you want to go with. 
  7. Besides background images, you can add the parallax and 3d effect on other layers as well, it can be used for individual layers within your slider. 

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