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Advanced Custom Fields is fully supported by Neuron Themes, as they allow you to add additional information to your WordPress content, thus the creation of custom fields. Custom fields can be added via the ACF Integration or PODS. You will be able to dynamically insert the ACF custom field data directly into your design. 

How to add Custom Fields with ACF 

  1. Upon the installation of the Advanced Custom Fields plugin, you can find it on your WordPress Dashboard, click on Field Groups 
  2. Click on Add New 
  3. Name your Custom Field
  4. Click on the Add Field Button 
  5. Start adding your Fields. 
  6. Add the Field Label, Field Name, Field Type, and set its respective settings. 
  7. Once you are done click on Publish. 

How to Add ACF to your content 

  1. After you have created your custom fields you can use them to add your content, 
  2. Go to WordPress Dashboard > Post > Add new 
  3. Right under the content editing screen of WordPress, you will locate your custom fields

How to Add ACF to your Single Post Template 

  1. Go to Template > Theme Builder > Single 
  2. Click on Add New, and from the dropdown menu select Post 
  3. Click on the [kog icon] 
  4. Under Preview Settings select the post you want to preview 
  5. Drag an element that's assigned with dynamic content,
  6. Click on the [dynamic barrel icon] and from the dropdown menu select ACF 
  7. Under Settings > Key, write the custom field you want to add. 
  8. For more flexibility, you can also use the Before, After, and Fallback that's located under the Advanced. You can add text before or after the dynamic content, or use a fallback test when no content is found

Custom ACF Fields that Neuron Themes supports

  • TEXT
  • FILE
  • URL
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