What is Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content is content that is saved in the database which can be drawn from the website, or from the current pages. You can use dynamic content in the post title, post content, and featured image. When choosing dynamic, elements will switch their content from being static to dynamic, directly via the front-end builder. 

Each element that beholds dynamic feature will extract content from the database, let's say we want to dynamically produce our Site Title  

  1. Drag the Heading elements from the elements panel
  2. Click on the [dynamic barrel icon] 
  3. From the dropdown menu choose Site Title and watch how the title of the post will appear immediately. 

Dynamic Content can also be used in other elements, anywhere you see this icon [dynamic barrel icon] means that the element is capable of pulling content dynamically. 

  1. You can dynamically pull user profile pictures, by choosing the Image element and clicking on the dynamic content icon. The feature will be helpful t create user-centric pages.
  2. Dynamic Content is spread in numbers as well, you can use numeric controls that can be found in elements like Star Rating, Price Table, Counter, and more. You can use this feature to create advanced functionality like setting the start rating based on comments, Post ID, or Shortcode. 
  3. To create even more custom fields that don't appear on WordPress, you can use Custom Field Key in the Dynamic options to add dynamic custom fields. 

What is the Before, After, and Fallback option?

Some of the dynamic elements have a little figure called the wrench icon located on the left side of the box - which allows you to add static content before or after dynamic content. In the wrench icon, you also have the fallback options with which you set the default content in case the element has no content or it doesn’t exist.

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