Sending Email Confirmations using Forms

Send the form results to the Site's Administrator 

Once you have selected the Email options as an action from the dropdown menu, it will ignite a new Email section. This email action is used to send the form results to the Site's Administrator, while the Email2 option is used to sen the confirmation email to the user who filled their information. 

  1. To: Type the email the form submission will be sent to. You can add two or more email receivers, you just need to separate them with a comma. 
  2. Subject - Hee you will need to write the subject of the email 
  3. Message - The body of the email. By default, all form fields will be sent using the [all fields] shortcode. If you wish to specify and customize the form fields, then copy the shortcode that appears inside each field and paste it above.
  4. Form Email - This is the Sent From email address 
  5. Form Name - This is the Sent From name 
  6. Reply-To - This will need to be filled with the email that will send replies to 
  7. Cc- Fill in with the email that will be Cc-ed with 
  8. Bcc - Email Adress to Bcc 
  9. Meta Data - The default Meta Data options will be set by default, click on the x to remove any that you don't want to be included. 
  10. Send As - Select the format that you want the email to be sent. 

Send Email Configuration to the Subscriber 

If you wish to send a confirmation email to the user who filled out your form then that's where the Email2 will come in handy. On the Add Action field, click on Email2 and a new section will appear on the panel. From there you can configure the settings to send email confirmations to all the users who filled out your form. 

The same procedure will be followed as mentioned in the Email section above, with some slight changes.

In the To: option you will need to write the shortcode that's located in the advanced tab of the email field  

Note: Only shortcodes that are located in the advanced tab of the Form Field can be used. No other shortcode that's placed elsewhere will be effective, on the contrary, they might even cause a server error message.

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