Set an Action After Submit for Your Form

Every step of the contact form is relevant that is why you can make your own customized thank you page e.g. to be shown after your visitors have finalized their contact form action. Options that you can activate after submitting the form include 

  • Sending a follow-up email with the form results, 
  • You can direct your users to a thank you page, 
  • Send the subscribers information to an auto-responding newsletter service
  • Assign an engaging popup to either open or close 

Being engaged with your users means you care about their feedback, that is why the contact form will create a sort of bridge between the two entities. Now it is super easy to build and customize your own forms with all the latest customization tools and use them to your advantage. Neuron Themes has integrated value onto their form element, allowing you to connect with several amazing 3rd party services like MailChimp. 

Action After Submit 

You can assign an action to take place after a user has completed your form. Just click on the Add Action field and select the preferred action, you can choose from Email, Email 2, Redirect, Mail Chimp, or Popup. 

Send the form results to the Site's Administrator 

Once you have selected the Email options as an action from the dropdown menu, it will ignite a new Email section. This email action is used to send the form results to the Site's Administrator, while the Email2 option is used to send the confirmation email to the user who filled their information. 

  1. To: Type the email the form submission will be sent to. You can add two or more email receivers, you just need to separate them with a comma. 
  2. Subject - Hee you will need to write the subject of the email 
  3. Message - The body of the email. By default, all form fields will be sent using the [all fields] shortcode. If you wish to specify and customize the form fields, then copy the shortcode that appears inside each field and paste it above.
  4. Form Email - This is the Sent From email address 
  5. Form Name - This is the Sent From name 
  6. Reply-To - This will need to be filled with the email that will send replies to 
  7. Cc- Fill in with the email that will be Cc-ed with 
  8. Bcc - Email Address to Bcc 
  9. Meta Data - The default Meta Data options will be set by default, click on the x to remove any that you don't want to be included. 
  10. Send As - Select the format that you want the email to be sent. 
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