Form Fields

Create outstanding yet highly functional Forms with Neuron Themes. Search for the Form elements from the elements panel and place it in the working sheet. The first section you will notice is the Form Fields.

From Name - Here you will need to name your form 

Form Fields - Initially you will have three form field, Name, Email, and Message. Alternatively, you can add or remove fields and order them simply by the drag & drop functionality. 

Each of the form fields will have its settings that can be configured once you click upon it. 


  1. Type - Here you can choose from the plethora of choices that will be described below 
  2. Label - This setting will allow you to add the name of the field which will also appear on the email you will receive from users. If you wish you can choose to remove the field label in the Form element. 
  3. Placeholder - This setting will allow you to name the field placeholder 
  4. Required - Switch the handle on if you wish for the field to be required 
  5. Column Width - This will allow you to set the width of the field. One cool trick, if you wish to have two fields appear on the same row assign the fields 50% to the column width. 
  6. Rows - Select the value of the rows for each field. 


  1. Default Value - Set the value of your form field. You can use dynamic tags to assign the field. 
  2. ID - Write and ID for your field, make sure the IQ be unique and not be used elsewhere in the form. 
  3. Shortcode - 

  1. Input Size -Here you can set the height of the form fields. 
  2. Label - Choose to show or hide the label of the fields.
  3. Required Mark - Switch the handle on to add a red mark on each form field you set as required. 
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