How to Create a Full Screen Popup

Full-Screen Popups are great for conveying important call to action and offers because they will take up the entire screen and will make it hard for users to ignore them. Include all the elements you need to make your statements bolder. 

Design and Build a Popup

  1. From the WordPress Dashboard > Templates > Popup
  2. Click on Add New and name your template 
  3. Once you click Create Template you will be redirected to the stunning library of pre-made popup templates that you can insert with just a click, or you can always start from scratch.

Popup Settings


  1. Width - 550px 
  2. Height - Fit to Screen
  3. Content Position - Center
  4. Horizontal Position - Center
  5. Overlay - ON 
  6. Button - ON 

Add the content for the Popup 

  1. Add the content as per your needs, make sure to include all the elements to convey your offer. Stylize and design your popup as per your likings. 

Publish the Popup

  1. Once you are done with designing your popup click on Publish 
  2. Conditions - Set the popup to appear on the Entire Site 
  3. Triggers - Switch the After Inactivity trigger on to show after 30 seconds that the user hasn't engaged with the page 
  4. Click on Save and Close because we won't be setting any Advanced Rules. 
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