How to create an Opt-In Popup

Opt-in Popups are traditionally lightbox popups that take up the screen and serve its purpose of growing your email list. There are different use of opt-in popup campaigns helping your get more subscribers. For this example, we will build a simple Opt-In popup to collect emails from visitors. 

Design and Build a Popup

  1. From the WordPress Dashboard > Templates > Popup
  2. Click on Add New and name your template 
  3. Once you click Create Template you will be redirected to the stunning library of pre-made popup templates that you can insert with just a click, or you can always start from scratch. 

Popup Settings


  1. Width - 600px 
  2. Height - Custom
  3. Custom Height - 340px
  4. Overlay - OFF 


  1. Vertical Position - 0px 
  2. Size - 20px 

Add the content for the Popup 

  1. Drag in the image element and place it on the working sheet. From the Advanced Tab add some bottom Padding values of 24px. 
  2. Include a heading element and a text editor element to introduce your login form popup. Stylize the elements and tweak their respective settings. 
  3. Search for the form element and drag it onto the page. This will entice users to engage with your popup and thus increasing leads. 
  4. Design the form to match your needs and style. And provide an irresistible offer for your visitors. 

Publish the Popup

  1. Click on Publish once you are finished with the design. 
  2. Conditions - Set the popup to appear on the Entire Site 
  3. Triggers - Switch the On-Page Load trigger and set a time for the popup display that is appropriate. 
  4. Click on Save and Close, as we won't be setting any Advanced Rules. 
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