How to create an Action After Submit Popup

We will build an Action After Submit popup that will be triggered after the users submit your forms and connect to a third-party, open or close the popup, or receive an email confirmation. 

Design and Build a Popup

  1. From the WordPress Dashboard > Templates > Popup
  2. Click on Add New and name your template 
  3. Once you click Create Template you will be redirected to the stunning library of pre-made popup templates that you can insert with just a click, or you can always start from scratch. 

Popup Settings


  1. Width - 380px 
  2. Height - Fit to Content
  3. Entrance Animation - Fade In
  4. Exit Animation - Fade Out 


  1. Background Type - Classic
  2. Background Color - Set a background color
  3. Border Radius - Set the value of 50% on the Left, Right, and Bottom part of the popup
  1. Vertical Position - 10px 
  2. Horizontal Position - 40px 
  3. Size - 23px 

Add the content for the Popup 

  1. Drag in the image element and upload an entertaining gif, set the image size to full, and from the Advanced tab put some negative margin of 155px for the top and negative 15px for the bottom. 
  2. Drag in a heading element and write the first copy for the popup. Tweak the typography options.
  3. Duplicate the first heading twice, change the content, and make the changes necessary for the styling.

Publish the Popup

  1. Once you are done building your popup click on Publish and then click on Save and Close, as we won’t be setting any conditions, triggers, or advanced rules
  2. Open the page on which our form is implemented to edit it. Click on the form element to open its settings.
  3. Under Actions After Submit, select Popup. Open the Popup section, under Action choose Open Popup. Under Popup select the template we’ve just designed.
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