How to Create Countdown Popup (Urgency - Sales)

Creating a Countdown popup will bring positive results in leads and conversion. Set up a campaign and to add more angst to your popup and make users take the final step, add the countdown element to show the limited time until the deal will end, which will add urgency and increase sales. 

Design and Build a Popup

  1. From the WordPress Dashboard > Templates > Popup
  2. Click on Add New and name your template 
  3. Once you click Create Template you will be redirected to the stunning library of pre-made popup templates that you can insert with just a click, or you can always start from scratch. All the templates are categorically sorted and filtered to help you find easily just the type of popup you are looking for. 
  4. We will select one from the library

Popup Settings


  1. Width - 950px 
  2. Height - Custom 
  3. Custom Height - 531px


  1. Vertical Position - 0px 
  2. Size - 20px 

Add the content for the Popup 

  1. Add an inner section for the popup 
  2. Edit the section, from the Layout Tab, set the Height to Min Height, and assign the value of 530px
  3. Column Position - Strech 
  4. Vertical Align - Middle
  5. Add a heading element, type in your offer, and tweak the typography options as per your needs. 
  6. Add the Form element to entice users to subscribe to your newsletter
  7. Design the form element to appear to your outer layout 

Include the Countdown Element

  1. Due Date - Here set the time for when the offer will end 
  2. Style Tab > Container Width - 100%
  3. Style Tab > Background Color - Assign a color 
  4. Style Tab > Space Between - 8
  5. Style Tab > Content Section > Set the color for the number 
  6. Style Tab > Content Section > Tweak the typography options 
  7. Style Tab > Content Section > Set the color for the labels 
  8. Style Tab > Content Section > Tweak the typography options for the labels 

Publish the Popup

  1. Conditions - Assign to set on the entire site. 
  2. Triggers - Switch the On Page Load ON, and assign the time appropriate for the popup to display
  3. Advanced Rules - Show up to X time and assign it to 1 
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