Custom 404 Page

Apply your own customized 404 pages when the page your users are looking for is unavailable. You can either choose from our custom made set of 404 pages each characterized with a hint of beauty and charm, or create your own from the ground up and set it to your preference. Help your visitors navigate across your website when they stumble upon a 404 page, you can add a search bar, some recent posts, or a link to go back to the homepage. 

  1. To start building your Custom 404 page you need to go to WP Dashboard > Templates > Theme Builder 
  2. Go to the SIngle tab and click on Add New 
  3. From the Type of Template select Single, next select 404 Page from the Post Type dropdown menu ad click on Create Template 
  4. You will be displayed a wide range of pre-designed blocks that you can integrate with just a click from the Neuron Library or you can begin to design one from scratch. 
  5. Start designing your template and build it piece by piece 
  6. Set the conditions for your design to be shown on the 4040 pages. 
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