Search Results

The search results page is an archive where your content is recorded, choose to add the search element for your visitors to find results or info they require, and create beautiful designs and layout, which can be adapted to match the search query. 

  1. To start building your Search Results page, go to your WordPress Dashboard > Templates > Add New 
  2. From the Template Type choose Archive 
  3. Name your template and proceeded further 
  4. Choose from all the beautiful pre-made designs or design one from scratch
  5. Drag in the Search element and star designing your search bar with all the best tools at your disposal. 
  6. To preview the Archive as a Search Result, click on the [eye icon] > Settings > and then choose Search Results 
  7. Enter a search term, to see your search results page in action 
  8. Customize your own default site message for when users enter a query that's not available on your website, under Content > Advanced, replace the ‘Nothing Found’ message, and add your own.
  9. To apply the design to the search results page, add Conditions, and in the Conditions, window select Search Result. 
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