Design the Search Results Archives

When you visit a website, you might notice a list of published posts or content, what you are seeing is actually the Archives. An archive page refers to a collection of posts, grouped by category, tags, author, date, etc. Your posts are collected in reverse chronological order, in which you can assign categories, tags, or any other taxonomy, so when you create an archive page all the information is retrieved and you can give your users a “ historical background” of your page.  

  1. To start creating an Archive Page, go to WordPress Dashboard > Templates > Add New 

  2. Select Archive from the dropdown menu, name your template and start building. 

  3. From there you will be presented with the templates option that you can choose from the amazing pre-design templates of singe post templates that our design team has crafted, choose the one you like, and insert it with a click. You can alternatively design yours from scratch.

  4. You can preview how the template will look on other pages, simply navigate to the [eye icon], click on Settings. 

  5. Under the Preview Dynamic Content select Post

  6. Type the name for the page you want to be shown and then click on Apply and Preview.

  7. When you are done editing and designing set the Conditions as to where you want the single post template to be attributed. 

  8. Click on Publish and there you will have it.

  9. You can even customize the message if no content can be found under the Content Tab > Advanced 

  10. Type in the message under Nothing Found message and design and customize the message under the Styles Tab 

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