How to create a Sticky Header

Sticky Headers are proven to be very effective in raising conversion and engagement among users, why not add one yourself. It is an easy task to create a sticky header that will follow users as they scroll down the page. Insert the most important content like your logo, nav menu, or a CTA. 

  1. First, create your header template, you already have created on then go to WordPress Dashboard > Templates > Theme Builder 
  2. Go to the Header tab and from there select the header template you have created, click on Edit with Elementor to start editing. 
  3. Select the section o which you have your header built, go to the Advanced tab
  4. From there scroll down to Motion Effects > Sticky 
  5. Choose either Top or Bottom
  6. Decide to include or remove devices on which the sticky header will show under the Sticky On option
  7. You can set the Offset to move the header or any other sticky element up or down in pixels. 
  8. And select the value of the Offset Effect to determine when the effects change will occur, in accordance to the scrolling distance in pixels. 
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