Take control of your content visibility with the Conditions feature that will give you flexibility and versatility to show or hide content based on custom rules and how you apply them. Each template you create, including templates of Headers and Footers, will be prone to apply custom rules and conditions and determine to implement them across your entire website or only on specific pages. Mix and match templates and styles to give your website a coherent design that's different yet breathes the same style and brand. 

How to Add Conditions 

Conditions are a set of advanced settings that will allow you to include or exclude templates from certain pages. You can set your header template to be included on all pages and use another condition to exclude the header to only a certain page, like the Contact Page. You can create another header template and assign it to only your Contact Page. 

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With the advanced Conditions feature, you can apply and assign certain templates to different categories, taxonomy, or even on a specific page. 

  1. To open the Conditions window you will need to click on the little [arrow icon] next to the Update button
  2. Click on Display Conditions 
  3. Here you can assign the template to the page you want. 
  4. You Exclude the template from being shown on various pages, posts.
  5. To delete, add, or change a condition you can always open the Conditions window, add the condition, change it, or delete it completely by clicking on the X icon. 
  6. Specific conditions will take precedence upon general conditions. If you assign your footer across your entire pages and decide to assign another footer design with the same condition you will get an error message. Whereas, if you assign the second footer to a more specific condition like the homepage, the first footer will be shown across all pages, while the second footer design will be shown only in the homepage. 
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