Getting Started with Neuron Library

Neuron Theme will provide its users with the most extensive and exquisite set of pre-designed templates that will elevate your website and will help you streamline your workflow elegantly. If you don't wish to build your website from scratch you can easily insert the templates or sets of blocks and watch your website build in front of your eyes.

How to Insert the Templates 

  1. To open the Neuron Library click on the [folder icon] and begin your journey through all the splendid books and templates, or search for your own template. 
  2. At the top of the Neuron Library, you will see the tabs Blocks, Pages, and My Templates. The Block ta will contain all the bits and pieces to build a website. You can find stunning headers, footers, testimonials, and a lot more. The Pages tab will contain homepages that you can insert with just a click. And My Templates tab will contain all the beautiful templates you have created ready to be inserted within the page. 
  3. Click on the [magnifying glass] to preview a template and see how 
  4. If you have chosen the template you want to go with, then click on Insert to select the required template.
  5. The little [heart icon] on the right will help you save your favorite templates that you can use later. 
  6. If you wish to upload a .json or .zip file click on the [arrow icon] at the top corner of the library. 

How to save your Templates?

  1. You can start building your own templates from scratch or design them using our amazing pre-made blocks and save the template for future reference. 
  2. Click on the green arrow button right next to the Publish button
  3. From the options choose Save as Template 
  4. Name your template to recognize it later and click on Save 

How to Insert your saved Templates?

  1. If you have created let's say a Single Page Template and you wish to spread the template throughout your posts, you will need to click on the [folder icon]  > My Templates 
  2. Select the template you want implementing and click on Insert

How to export your Templates?

  1. You can export your Saved Templates easily using Neuron Library, click on the [folder icon] 
  2. Click on My Templates Tab 
  3. Choose the template you have created, click on the [three dots icon] and click Export 

How to Import your Templates

  1. You can import the templates you have exported or have downloaded. Go to Templates > Saved Templates or Templates > Theme Builder or Templates > Popups
  2. Click on the Import Template button 
  3. Choose the file you want to import and click Import Now
  4. The template you have imported will be displayed in the Templates list. 
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