Full Site Editing

With Neuron Themes you can build every part of your website easily and fast while editing your website you will need to make changes to certain parts n your website while you are working on your design. The Full Site Editing Feature allows you to edit all parts of your website from one place, the header, the footer, the archive page, the single templates. 

Edit the Header and Footer via Full Site Editing 

While working on your design, you might feel the need to change certain elements to our header, probably make it stand out from other pages. Full Site Editing allows you to do that. 

  1. Hover over the Header or Footer and click on the orange editing handle. 
  2. Make the changes you wish to make, as you would normally design parts on your website, by changing the colors, adding elements, and so on. 
  3. After making all the changes, to go back to editing your content, you will need to hover over the header or footer which one you are editing and click on the handle below. 

Besides headers and footers, the orange handle will allow you to edit archive pages, single product pages, single post, single page, product archive. By hovering over the area you wish to edit and click on the handle you will open the options to make the necessary changes. After you are done editing, you can go back to editing your content or edit another area. 

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