Fixed Position

Similar to Absolute Positioning, Fixed Position when attributed to an element, it means that a certain element will be positioned relative to the viewport. Meaning that the element will always stay in place even if users scroll down the page, it will not move, it will stay fixed. If you want to make a certain element fixed at the bottom, let's say a video, you will need to go to: 

  1. Select the element you want to be Fixed. 
  2. Click on the Advanced Tab
  3. Scroll down to Positioning and choose Fixed from the dropdown menu. 
  4. To position the element wherever you want on the page, you can simply drag it across the surface and place it to a preferred position. 
  5. Or you can position the elements Vertically and Horizontally by drawing the handle of the Offset for each and place it across the page, placing it wherever you want. 

Note: You might find the Sticky Position and the Fixed Positioning as confusing, but the difference is that the Fixed element will not move regardless of the users scrolling down the entire page. Meanwhile, the Sticky element will follow around users while they scroll down a section.

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