Background Slideshow

Neuron Themes provides great extendibility to its users, allowing them to create complex pages and layouts. You can create an outstanding background of a section, columns, or inner section with multiple images transitioning as a slideshow. 

  1. To have access to this cool feature you will need to go to the Style tab of the Section, Column or Inner Column. 
  2. From the Background option, choose the background type as Slideshow. 

Designing your slideshow 

  1. Images - Select as many images as you need to create an amazing slideshow. Click on Create Gallery and Upload Files. After selecting all the images, click on the Create a New Gallery button at the right bottom of the page. Finally, you would need to click on the Insert Gallery button, and all your images will appear as a background slideshow.
  2. Infinite Loop -  By enabling the infinite loop option, your images will infinitely transition. 
  3. Duration (ms) - This option will allow you to control the time your slideshow will stay in view in milliseconds. 
  4. Transition - Choose from the various transition effects in the drop-down list either Fade, Slide Right, Slide Left, Slide Up, and Slide Down. 
  5. Transition Duration (ms) - Set the speed from which one slide transitions to another in milliseconds. 
  6. Background Size - Set the size of the background either Default, Auto, Cover, and Contain. 
  7. Background Position - Choose the pivotal point in which your background mages are going to be positioned to Default, Center Center, Center Left, Center Right, Top Center, Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Center, Bottom Right, Bottom Left. 
  8. Ken Burns Effect - This is a cools effect, if enabled your background images are going to be zoomed in or out. 
  9. Direction - Choose the direction of your Ken Burns Effect to be either In or Out.

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