Entrance Animations

Give a stunner entry for your website with the advanced set of Entrance Animations. You can edit sections, columns, and elements to give it a dramatic appearance the moment your visitors access your website. They surely are an attention-grabbing piece of design, designated to build a showstopper content to draw your customers in. 

How to access Entrance Animations 

  1. Click on the handles of either the section, column, or element to open the options panel on the left
  2. Click on the Advanced Tag 
  3. Scroll down to Motion Effects, and choose your preferred Entrance Animation from the dropdown list, or you can always choose None option for the section/column/element to remain immobile. 

Types of Entrance Animations

Choose from the list of 37 Entrance Animation divided into larger categories

  1. Fading - Fade In, Fade In Down, Fade In Left, Fade In Right, Fade In Up
  2. Zooming - Zoom In, Zoom In Down, Zoom In Right, Zoom In Left, Zoom In Up, Zoom Out
  3. Bouncing - Bounce In, Bounce In Down, Bounce In Left, Bounce In Right, Bounce In Up 
  4. Slide - Slide In Down, Slide In Up, Slide In Left, Slide In Right 
  5. Rotate - Rotate In, Rotate In Down Left, Rotate In Down Right, Rotate In Up Left, Rotate In Right 
  6. Attention Seekers - Bounce, Flash, Pulse, Rubber Band, Shake, Head Shake, Swing, Taba, Wobble, Jello 
  7. Light Speed - Light Speed In
  8. Specials - Roll In 
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